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The Bio/Diversity Project fosters the development of the next generation of environmental science educators, scientists, and leaders committed to diversity and inclusion. 

During the 2021-2022 academic year, Bio/Diversity Project student interns facilitated 6 Action Projects across 5 Title 1 TUSD schools. 

Interns constructed bat boxes, bird feeders, and pollinator gardens on school campuses. Due to the high visibility of the projects, the overall impact of the Action Projects extended to reach approximately 2,500 local K-12 students who are traditionally underrepresented in the environmental fields. 

A unique feature of the Bio/Diversity Project is the opportunity for creativity when engaging students in innovative environmental science lessons. Each year, our interns design and implement capstone Action Projects in the classroom through which they engage and inspire students to explore their natural environment. Action Projects allow student interns to plan a lesson that stretches over more than two weeks, and offer students a way to create something that combines all they have learned in the classroom over the semester. Student engagement always peaks during Action Projects because students are given the opportunity to be involved in a hands-on experience that will better their community.

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