The Bio/Diversity Project Leadership Program

The Fall 2020 Leadership Program is 100% Remote

Program Description

The Bio/Diversity Project Leadership Program aims to expand program planning, partnership building, science communication, and service learning opportunities for UArizona students interested in environmental issues, and fostering diverse, inclusive, and equitable learning and working environments. Through this paid leadership program, UArizona students will engage in monthly training to develop and implement self-directed projects that engage the campus community around issues of sustainability, biodiversity, and human diversity in environmental fields. These projects will provide community service opportunities for UArizona students and community members of Tucson. Through a semester-long training program in the Fall, student leaders will identify and assess potential projects within areas of need, as well as develop critical collaboration, cooperation, and communication skills. We estimate that our student leaders will be able to facilitate 2-4 community service events in the Spring 2021 semester and impact approximately 500 UArizona students.

By providing this pathway into paid work and leadership positions, we hope to see UArizona students develop confidence, self-efficacy, and further refine their skills into marketable experiences.  We believe that by expanding this pipeline from our Bio/Diversity Project internship into the environmental science workforce, we can help foster a generation of strong leaders in sustainability that are ready to tackle any environmental challenge presented to them.

Program Requirements and Expectations

The Bio/Diversity Leadership Program requires a time commitment of 5 hours per week in the Fall and Spring semesters from our cohort of student leaders. Included in this time commitment is the expectation that students attend monthly 2-hour workshops throughout the Fall 2020 semester and regularly biweekly meetings with program staff. Students are expected to have a high level of emotional maturity, strong work ethic, and self-motivation. Additionally, students will be expected to be open to learning new perspectives and to meaningful collaboration. Students will be expected to work independently throughout the week on assigned tasks and regularly communicate with program staff via email and our online project management platform, Slack. Students will also be expected to effectively communicate with their peers and existing environmental organizations as much as possible.

In return for a commitment of 5 hour per week, student leaders will be compensated at a rate of $15/hour. Students are expected to participate for the full academic year (2020-2021), excepting any major holidays. Considering the current COVID-19 pandemic, if in-person trainings are not possible in the Fall semester, the Bio/Diversity leadership program workshops and trainings will be moved to an online, remote platform accessible from any location with high-speed internet.